Industrial Light and Power will work with you on all of your electrical PM needs, and we would be happy to bid on any of your upcoming PM contracts.

Considering the current economic climate, companies both large and small are looking to cut costs any way possible, however it is important to remember that postponing preventive maintenance can end up costing you MUCH more in the long run than any perceived short term savings by such a delay.

Minimal or no maintenance greatly increases the chance that normal operations will be disrupted if the equipment fails, exposing the company to loss of revenue, reduced work productivity, increased safety and security risks and the potential to affect customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Preventative maintenance on existing equipment and power systems is more important than ever during tough economic times!!

The available Industrial Light and Power preventative maintenance programs maximize the reliability and performance of the electrical equipment on which your company depends. Our preventative maintenance programs involve systematic inspections, detection and correction of incipient failures before they occur or before they become major issues that translate into costly downtime.

The Industrial Light and Power preventative maintenance programs include inspections, tests, measurements, adjustments, parts replacement and equipment housekeeping practices. Please contact us for a free estimate on one of our PM programs that best suits your facility.

For more information on our lighting maintenance programs please visit our lighting maintenance page.