Lighting Maintenance Services

We offer full service monthly lighting service contracts for shopping centers, schools, apartment buildings, condos, commercial facilities, warehouses, office buildings, and all local and State municipalities lighting needs. Contact your Industrial Light and Power sales associate today to see how one of our lighting service programs can save you time, money and give you piece of mind for your customers and employees safety and well being.

Large and small facilities demand a full time lighting maintenance service. Industrial Light and Power can maintain all of your interior and exterior lighting systems with one of our customizable lighting maintenance service agreements.


We specialize in single or multi-building corporate office parks, apartment buildings, strip malls, shopping centers, high-rise office buildings, schools, churches and casinos. We will provide trained full time lighting technicians that will perform monthly inspections of all lighting fixtures, then service or repair as necessary.

Our clients can also directly contact us at any time about a defective lighting fixture at the site which is under contract, and we will send out a service technician immediately to perform the required repairs. Your labor costs, inspection costs, and piece of mind are all within a budgeted service contract!!

We have service plans available for both large and small facilities that will surely save your budget money while giving you piece of mind that your customer’s and employee’s sense of safety and security will be maintained on a monthly basis for a flat service fee.

With a lighting maintenance agreement from Industrial Light and Power, our lighting technician will visit your contracted facility on a monthly basis to inspect and make needed repairs to the lighting system. Our fully stocked service vans provide on-the-spot lighting and electrical repairs to keep your facility illuminated. A budgeted inspection/service fee will keep your lighting costs under control.

We service all exterior lighting technologies from High Pressure Sodium, Mercury Vapor and Metal Halide to LED, High Intensity Fluorescent and Induction lighting systems.

Industrial Light and Power Recycles:

When working on your facility we ensure that all lamps, ballasts and other materials removed and replaced are disposed of in accordance with relevant State recycling policy. For more information on the State of Nevada recycling program please visit:

The following shows the difference in installing Metal Halide vs. T5 Fluorescent in a standard high-bay install:

Feature T5 HO Fluorescent 4X54W 400W Metal Halide
Initial Lumens 20,000 36,000
Lumens per Watt 93 Lumens per Watt 79.3
Lumen Maintenance 95% 70%
Design Lumens 19,000 25,200
Fixture Efficiency 98.7% 80%
Usable Lumens 18,753 20,160
Watts per Fixture 239 454
Lumen Maintenance 93-95% 70%
Lamp Life 20,000 hours 20,000 hours
Instant On Starts Immediately Slow warm-up
Hot Re-strike Re-starts Immediately Up to 20 minutes to re-start
CRI Rating 85% 65%
Uniformity Light spreads evenly minimizing shadows Hots spots & shadows
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